Koshin-ha Chito-ryu Yoseikan Karate Dojo Terry Valentino and Brian Buirge
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The martial arts were originally developed over a thousand years ago for self-defense in life threatening situations and later as a national form of personal development and physical fitness training in China, Okinawa and Japan. Here are some of the benefits of training:

Learn practical self-defense techniques
Chito-ryu Karate and Koseido-ryu Jiu-Jitsu teaches students to be aware of their surroundings, recognize dangerous situations, and avoid potential confrontations whenever possible. When physical harm is inevitable, students are trained to assess the severity of a situation and take the appropriate action to end the conflict quickly, using a variety of punches, kicks, strikes, joint locks, take downs and chokes from a standing, sitting or lying position to subdue one or more opponents.

Improve overall physical fitness
Consistent, hard training develops all aspects of physical conditioning, from cardiovascular fitness to muscular strength and flexibility to balance and coordination. The varied pace of class and dynamic body movements improve aerobic and anaerobic conditioning. As a result, the muscles and the joints become stronger and more limber allowing for greater speed and a wider range of motion with minimal effort.

Develop mental alertness and focus
The study of martial arts is a continual process of self-improvement. Being aware of body position, distance from your opponent, the surrounding environment and the emotional state of you and your attacker helps the student to develop mental focus. During class, there's no time to worry about school, work or family problems. In our training, all attention is focused on the "present moment". This quality of "present awareness" is essential in a self defense situation.This ability is empowering and at the same time stress reducing by teaching students not to be distracted by the past and future while engaging in activities that require attention to the task at hand.

Build strong character
The martial arts training helps develop respect, strong character and a spirit of perservance. Training with fellow students develops a sense of teamwork and mutual respect where all students push each other to do better, no matter what the skill level. Through hard disciplined training, the mind, body and spirit come together and learn to adapt and respond to difficult and stressful situations in a safe, controlled environment. Overcoming the physical discomfort of training and learning to control fear and anger during a confrontation builds character and teaches students how to cope with the challenges they face outside of the dojo (training hall) in their daily lives.


"Think not

before and after,

in front, behind,

only freedom

at the middle point


Samauri Maxim