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Visitors to this page are invited to submit poems or writings that speak to the spirit of the warrior's way for possible inclusion on our web site. Please send your writings to tav@zoominternet.net.

The Spirit of the Warrior's Way
By Kyoshi Terry Valentino

The barbarian serves himself.

The warrior serves another.

The barbarian fights in order to take and destroy.

The warrior fights to protect and preserve.

The barbarian takes life to save his own.

The warrior gives up his life in the service of others.

The barbarian is motivated by greed.

The warrior is motivated by loyalty.

The barbarian loses himself in lies.

The warrior discovers himself in seeking the truth.

The barbarian's weakness is hatred and fear.

The warrior's strength is love and acceptance of death.

Before we engage in the battle between the warrior and the barbarian externally, we must fight the battle between the warrior and the barbarian within ourselves. If we emerge from this battle victorious as a warrior, then regardless of the outcome of the external battle, we will have won.

Poem (No Title)
by Robert "Bob" Renshaw
June 1932 - August 2011

Look back not with shame nor forward with fear,

For Your Candle is Burning.

Live not falsely nor with cowardice.

For Your Candle is Burning.

Love not half heartedly nor with untruth,

For Your Candle is Burning.

Let it shed its light within and upon those around you.

It does not burn forever but is only a wink in the eye of time.

Your Candle is Burning.

"We can chose
to live as ordinary
men and women,

or as warriors.

There is no
second choice."

Author Unknown