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Sanchin Kata Bunkai DVDSanchin Kata Bunkai DVD
Sanchin kata is the foundational kata for both Naha and Fugian White Crane Gung-fu fighting traditions. The Chito-Ryu version of this kata is unique in its complexity and length as compared to all other versions practiced in Okinawa and Japan and may very well be an older and more original version. In his book 100 Okinawian Karate Masters, Hanshi Tetsuhiro Hokama lists Doctor Chitose's Sanchin kata as Koryu (ancient or original) Sanchin. The present day practice of this kata as viewed by most karataka emphasizes very strong muscular contraction as a strength training exercise that also teaches powerful Ibuki (breathing) and the ability to withstand body blows. Although the whole body muscular contraction method of practice accomplishes these aforementioned goals, the rigidity of this practice all but robs this kata of its martial applicability and relegates it to a supplementary exercise. In this first of its kind video Valentino Sensei explains and demonstrates the techniques, movements and partner practices of Chito-Ryu Sanchin, re-establishing the fighting application components to this important kata. In doing so, he reveals the internal and external principles of body movement and fluidity that establish the Chito-Ryu version of this kata as an arsenal of dynamic, fluid, fast and powerful fighting techniques.

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